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Bulk material Reclaim made easy

4 Dezembro 2018

With a thirty-year history in providing storage solutions  for  silos, warehouses, railcards and  ships, Vibrafloor have refined their products to  suit clients specifications and  offer a unique  technique to unload and  emptying bulk materials from storage  containers.

Vibrafloor’s unique flexible steel plates utilise vibration to  create waves what gently sweep the  products towards the  outlets for  reclaiming. Using  this technique the  product is  gently swept into  troughs and other  storage or  transport containers. Multiple steel modules cover the  floors of  silos,  ensuring to  move the product automatically. This low  energy consumption technology guarantees an  easy, risk -free transport process, with no clean-up needed and  high reclaim rates.

Vibrafloor’s floor panels appeal to  such a diverse range of  customers, due to  their fluidity in moving any bulk material, ranging from cereals, soybeans, SBM, biomass, and  even  stick materials such as potash. When  the  panels vibrate, the  area where the  biggest bulk of  product has  built up, discharges and  breaks  down; an  action Vibrafloor often compare  to a  controlled “avalanche” of  product.

Vibrafloor expanded to  became an international company and  now  is  present in more  than 30 countries

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