Vibrafloor  services


Vibrafloor provide a full package of project services, to enable clients to successfully design, install and operate a modular, vibrating bulk reclaim system in their silos, hoppers and stores, to completely empty free flowing and cohesive products.

The project services that we offer, on a global basis, are as follows:


Our technical design department will work in close collaboration with the customer, to provide a complete design of the Vibrafloor modular reclaim system, including advice on the necessary incline of the storage vessel floor. The electrical standards and components incorporated within our power and control systems, may be modified to suit specific client requirements, subject to prior agreement. Vibrafloor are not involved with the design of the associated civil/structural engineering, storage vessels, bulk handling and conveying systems etc.


The Vibrafloor modular reclaim system is assembled, in our plant located in France, under the strictest quality control measures. As the product, reclaim rate, silo size and shape vary for each project, each module is specifically manufactured for optimum operation. Great care is taken to ensure each module is sealed and dustproof, before dispatch to site.

Supply to  site

Our logistics team will make arrangements for loading and delivery of the consignment, by road vehicle or shipping container, either to site or local port as agreed. We have extensive experience of the export documentation and formalities necessary to ship the modules anywhere in the world. On arrival at the agreed site or port, complete responsibility for the unloading, storage under cover, insurance and re-handling of the consignment, is then transferred to the client.


On receipt of the Vibrafloor, the client will be provided with a detailed installation manual and all the technical assistance that is necessary, to achieve a successful installation.

Subject to prior agreement, our site engineers will be available on site to train the clients selected installation team, to install, commission and operate the Vibrafloor.


Subject to prior agreement, the Vibrafloor site engineers will conduct a thorough inspection during the installation process. The findings of the inspections shall be reported, to both the clients site personnel and the Vibrafloor and client’s management teams, to ensure the installation complies with our quality control measures.


Subject to prior agreement, Vibrafloor site engineers will in conjunction with the client’s site team, commission the installation to ensure it operates successfully and as intended.