Frequent Questions

Which is the maximum load that a VibraFloor can support?

  • Current construction allows 70 t/m2.

Is it not going to damage the structure of my silo?

  • No, because all vibrating elements are isolated from the structure, by springs and thermoplastic components.

Can it be fitted inside an existing storage?

  • Yes, modules are designed to suit any size and dimension. Slopes must usually be added when retrofitting into an existing silo.

What is the angle of inclination required?

  • it depends on the product, and reclaim rate specified. It is usually between 8 to 12° for free flowing products, and 13 to 18° for cohesive products.

Can aeration be included?

  • yes, on request Vibrafloor provides aeration ducts integrated in the vibrafloors

Which is the maximum temperature that a VibraFloor can accommodate?

  • 90°C

What about installation, who does it?

  • Installation is very straight forward and simple, and can be done by local workers; Vibrafloor provides detailed installation manuals. Our specialized technicians can assist for the installation on request.

How about maintenance?

  • Current VibraFloor modules do not have any wear parts, nor require any systematic maintenance. Control visits are advisable at regular intervals. Those can be conducted by Vibrafloor on request.

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Can dust penetrate modules and cause functioning problem?

  • Modules are completely dustproof when site delivered. The vibrafloor technology is compatible with dusty environments, with zone 21 ATEX certification

What about electricals and automatism?

  • Vibrafloor design encompasses electrical drawings for switchgears and automatism. Those elements can be provided upon request, in close coordination with existing environment.

Why choose Vibrafloor rather than any other existing technology?

  • see numerous comparative advantages presented on this site