The technology

A revolutionary reclaim system for silos – The Concept

The Vibrafloor concept is a unique reclaim system for silos and all types of bulk storage vessels. Unlike most traditional reclaim systems for silos, which consume huge amounts of energy to drive heavy duty engineering, the Vibrafloor concept demonstrates the power and effectiveness of multiple low power modules collaborating to completely empty bulk storage of any size or shape.


Once collapsed and aerated the wave moves the product forward on the plate, assisted by gravity and the slight incline of the floor, until the module is completely clear of material. As a module or zone clears, sensors located adjacent to the module become uncovered, triggering the next module or zone to repeat the process until the bulk storage is completely empty.

The progressive sequence which Vibrafloor empties a silo or bulk storage is automatic, controlled by a dedicated PLC in the electric panel, once a demand signal has been received.

The Vibrafloor concept includes safety as a central feature, with the ability to completely empty bulk storage of product, without human intervention or personnel entering the silo. In the unlikely event of a motor or sensor failure, the modular construction allows the adjacent modules to clear most of the stored product from the silo, leaving only a small residue to clear by hand. Whilst the wave action is a powerful and effective reclaim solution for silos, the wave energy is isolated from the underlying floor and silo walls within the frame of each module, by the springs and flexible membrane used in the construction.

The Vibrafloor concept is therefore not only safe for personnel, but also the structural integrity of the silo and bulk storage itself.


This wave action undermines and     collapses the leading edge of cohesive and free flowing material through a low  pressure zone, creating a progressive  avalanche of the stored material, much  like cliff erosion at